Topic: Gtk3-Fortran GUI : request for guidance

Jeff (or anyone), I'm learning how to use Glade to design a GUI which I can then compile in SF by USE-ing the Gtk3-Fortran package.

I note that Glade saves files of a type called ".XML" files.
I don't know what these are but I don't suppose I need to, because it seems that I need to read these into a utility which will generate the corresponding FORTRAN code.

As I'm a complete beginner with this, could you just guide me a tiny bit:

(1) Is the above correct?

(2) About the utility to convert from .XML to Fortran code that Gtk3 can handle, is it a Glade utility or a Gtk3-Fortran utility, what is it called and where can I find it?

(3) Alternatively, can I just add the .XML file to my SF project, and will SF and the Gtk3-Fortran package do the rest?

(4) When experimenting with the Gtk3-Fortran package's example project, I've had a bit of trouble getting them to run.  As I was trying the examples out on the same day as I'd just installed SF2.18.1777, I thought I'd better uninstall/reinstall the Gtk packages, just in case of some conflict beween the new GFortran compiler version and the Gtk3 object files already installed.  This did NOT fix the problem.  I'll post the problem details in another report.

Re: Gtk3-Fortran GUI : request for guidance

Hi all
How can I use fortan to convert text files into binary data

Re: Gtk3-Fortran GUI : request for guidance

Converting text to binary files is a very generic question, and it probably doesn't belong in this thread.  Try reposting to the "User Support" forum under a new topic.

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