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Topic: SF2.41_armhf is suddenly irretrievably broken

Jeff, I had this working very smoothly for a few days but suddenly, 2.41 has become very troublesome.  It fires up easily, but certain user actions cause it to disappear instantly, as if it had never been running. 

This has been a sudden change in SF's behaviour, so it must be the result of something I’ve done, but I don’t know what, I haven’t been able to fix it, and if you are able to recognise the cause, maybe you could put in an extra error trap in future updates.  Details below.

I can't be sure of exactly how and when it started so please don't attach too much to the following but I have been trying to port a Windows project into Linux and I think it /**/might/**/ have started whilst I was (1) looking at the .prj files and the makefile, to try to see where the .prj file was pointing to things in my Windows file structure that are in a different place in my Linux file structure, (2) searching for case sensitivity problems with INCLUDE files, (3) trying to correct the Options>Project>FIleLocations>SearchDirs entries and (4) that kind of thing.

I have done all the usual things to try to cure the problem, like
- checking file ownership and permissions,
- closing all, shutting down rebooting,
- manually deleting all .o  and .mod files, and the makefile.
- selecting 'Always generate Makefile',
. uninstalling SF completely, and re-installing it.

The symptoms

Opening an extg project by clicking its name on SF's opening screen.
Opening an extg project in SF by double-clicking its name from outside SF.
Project>Save Project.
Files pane>right-click>Disable/enable file.
Project>Add folder.

Project>Open project [ie I can't open a project by this method)
Opening screen>Recent projects>Import
Files pane>right-click>Add new file
Project>Add new file
Project>Add file(s)

Options>Project>FileLocns>SearchDirs>[select an entry]REMOVE
(this doesn't remove the unwanted entry; Project>save doesn't help )

I seem to have broken SF2.41, and I can's seem to mend it, not even by un/re-installing.  The problems are not trivial.  They are making SF unusable.  I suspect that there is a simple solution, like deleting something somewhere, and I'm  still searching for it, but if you could help me Jeff (or ANYone!),, I'd be grateful. 

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Re: SF2.41_armhf is suddenly irretrievably broken

More info...

I have managed to compile, link and load one project, by using a text editor to edit the .prj file.
I wasn't able to open my other .prj file, however, because trying topen a .prj file from inside SF causes it to crash.

I have therefore opened the other ,prj file in SF by double-clicking its name from outside SF, which loads SF and then opens the project.  From within this second .project, in which I have NOT yet been tinkering with the .prj file, I tried to add a source file.  Immediate crash.  This seems to show that the fault not connected to anything I have done in the .prj file.

As all the .prj files in my RPi are in projects I am porting from Windows, I am wondering whether this shows that the problem is unconnected with the .prj file, but I can't think where else to look.

Re: SF2.41_armhf is suddenly irretrievably broken


I need to know exactly what distribution you're using on your Raspberry Pi, including distro name and release.  Simply Fortran for Raspbian was last build with Raspbian 8 (Jessie) for maximum compatibility.   There's a good chance that dependencies have broken in more modern versions with Simply Fortran 2.41.  We don't test on anything but Raspbian, though, on the Raspberry Pi.

If you send the a problematic project file, I can take a look at why it's crashing.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC